November 18 2016 Market Minute

November 18, 2016

The Dow Jones Industrial Average, for the second week in a row, made a new high of 18,934. The NASDAQ Composite also hit a new high this week of 5,346. SP500 (2,181) is near its September 2016 high (2,193). Oil ($46.36) continues to trade in the mid $40’s. Gold ($1,208.70) stabilized after last weeks fall […]

October 28 2016 Market Minute

October 28, 2016

Rate Roller Coaster. The 30 Year US Treasury is back up to 2.61%. The same level it was back in the Spring of this year before heading down to the years low of 2.102% The “Long Bond” has now made a “Round Trip” going first down, then up “One-half of 1%” or, “.50%” , or […]

September 23 2016 Market Minute

September 23, 2016

Treasury yields moved lower this week with the 30 Year US Treasury dropping from almost 2.5% to 2.34%. Oil was relatively flat this week, closing at $44.48. Equity indices were much calmer this week than last with the DOW Jones up 138 points (18,261) for the week. The SP500 and NASDAQ were also up a […]

September 9 2016 Market Minute

September 9, 2016

All time high for the NASDAQ Composite earlier this week, (5, 287), but couldn’t hold it for the close of the week, (5,125). Today, Friday, was an interesting day due to the Dow Jones Industrial dropping 394 points to 18,085 and bond yields rising also. Oil rebounded a little to over $45. Today’s market was […]

August 26 2016 Market Minute

August 26, 2016

US Equity Markets were down a little this week with the NASDAQ losing -.65%, SP 500 about -1% and the DOW -1.35%. US Bond yields were also relatively flat. World Indices were mostly in line with the US, or slightly positive. Focus this week was on the ‘Economic Rocket Science’ going on in Jackson Hole, […]

August 12 2016 Market Minute

August 12, 2016

Trifecta! The Dow Jones Industrials, ‘18,614’, SP 500, ‘2,185’, and NASDAQ Composite, ‘5,228’, all closed at new highs this week (Thursday). Global Sovereign Bond Yields continue to be just off record lows, excluding British Gilts which hit new record lows. Oil had its largest weekly rise, +$3 to $45, in over three months.This was the first time since December […]

August 5 2016 Market Minute

August 5, 2016

Despite the interest rate cut of the Bank of England (BOE) this week, for the second week in a row both the US Equity Market and Bond Market were relatively flat. Dow Jones Industrials just off all time highs hit last month and US Treasury Yields also off all time lows hit last month.  Another […]

July 29th 2016 Market Minute

July 29, 2016

Dow Jones Industrial and SP 500 were both relatively flat week over week. The NASDAQ Composite, however, hit its highest level all year propelled by some Technology Company earnings reports. Interest Rates on Sovereign Government Bonds, both in and outside the US, were also relatively flat week over week too, yet just of record low […]

July 22 2016 Market Minute

July 22, 2016

The Dow Jones Industrial average hit an all time high earlier this week of 18, 622. The SP500 also hit an all time high of 2, 175. The NASDAQ, 5, 098 is still over 100 points away from its July 2015 high of 5,231. MSCI Emerging Markets Index hit YTD highs this week, but well […]

July 15 2016 Market Minute

July 15, 2016

New high’s for the Dow Jones Industrial and SP 500 this week. The Dow’s new high is surpassing the previous high on 5-21-2015 of 18,288. It only took 14 months to do so. Of coarse in between the May 2015 high and today its low was 15,500, twice. Once August 2015 and again February 2016. […]