March 2nd 2018 Market Minute

March 2, 2018

Within a week of the largest ‘TBTF’ (Too Big To Fail) bailout of ‘large insurance company’ by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) government President Xi is in the process of doing away with both age and term limits for his position.

What if President Xi has been ‘right’ about some things. Maybe he even predicted some of the challenges that have already occurred or are still occurring. Maybe he even dealt or is dealing with them effectively. Maybe, because of the above, his party sought him out to make these changes.

‘The All Benevolent Leader”, depending your view of history, has happened before. Decision making is quick, decisive, and executed. Whereas the opposite is how decisions are made in a ‘Committee’.

If ‘Financial Risk’ is increasing in China then President Xi will have more power and control to deal with it, no matter how long it takes.

Source: Wall Street Journal, Thompson One Financial

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