February 22nd 2018 Market Minute

February 22, 2018

Could a large Chinese Insurance Company being taken over by the Insurance Regulator of the Country today be ‘the’ “canary in a coal mine”? This insurance company has a ‘balance’ sheet of 2 Trillion Yuan (~$300 Billion). ‘Balance sheets’ are supposed to “balance” with an equal amount of both assets and liabilities. Like with other financial institutions, that may be significantly more complicated and interesting to ‘balance’. Considering future potential obligations, (Actuarial Analysis). Last year they were “ordered” to sell assets. Maybe they didn’t and instead their new ‘conservator’ started selling earlier this year. Australia, Asia, Europe, and then the U.S?

Beyond this it was not such a bad week. Yes the market was still volatile but less than previous weeks. Gold, Oil, Bonds, and Stocks were mixed.

Source:WSJ, Thompson One Financial

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