September 9 2016 Market Minute

September 9, 2016

All time high for the NASDAQ Composite earlier this week, (5, 287), but couldn’t hold it for the close of the week, (5,125). Today, Friday, was an interesting day due to the Dow Jones Industrial dropping 394 points to 18,085 and bond yields rising also. Oil rebounded a little to over $45. Today’s market was […]

August 12 2016 Market Minute

August 12, 2016

Trifecta! The Dow Jones Industrials, ‘18,614’, SP 500, ‘2,185’, and NASDAQ Composite, ‘5,228’, all closed at new highs this week (Thursday). Global Sovereign Bond Yields continue to be just off record lows, excluding British Gilts which hit new record lows. Oil had its largest weekly rise, +$3 to $45, in over three months.This was the first time since December […]

July 22 2016 Market Minute

July 22, 2016

The Dow Jones Industrial average hit an all time high earlier this week of 18, 622. The SP500 also hit an all time high of 2, 175. The NASDAQ, 5, 098 is still over 100 points away from its July 2015 high of 5,231. MSCI Emerging Markets Index hit YTD highs this week, but well […]