October 28 2016 Market Minute

October 28, 2016

Rate Roller Coaster. The 30 Year US Treasury is back up to 2.61%. The same level it was back in the Spring of this year before heading down to the years low of 2.102% The “Long Bond” has now made a “Round Trip” going first down, then up “One-half of 1%” or, “.50%” , or […]

September 9 2016 Market Minute

September 9, 2016

All time high for the NASDAQ Composite earlier this week, (5, 287), but couldn’t hold it for the close of the week, (5,125). Today, Friday, was an interesting day due to the Dow Jones Industrial dropping 394 points to 18,085 and bond yields rising also. Oil rebounded a little to over $45. Today’s market was […]

July 1 2016 Market Minute

July 1, 2016

Let’s first start with Global Sovereign Debt. The 30 Year US Treasury hit a historic low today of 2.205%.   This surpassed the previous low on February 3rd 2015 of 2.229%. The 10 Year US Treasury also hit a historic low today of 1.414%. The 10 Year has ben hitting lower lows for over a week […]